Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Athena Talk

To my amazing Athena girls,

What a day yesterday. I fell into bed at 10pm totally blissfully exhausted after sharing my knowledge and passions on fitness and health with all of you! My sincerest hope is that with the tools you have now for your own tool boxes you can make a fresh start on a healthier lifestyle.
Here are some points to ponder in follow up:

-Be easy on yourself, changes take time, enjoy the journey and discovering new feelings, emotions etc
-Plan ahead on things like purchasing food, slotting in activities etc
-Start slowly with the movements. This will keep you injury free and give you a feeling of success!
-Again, slowly slowly......All or nothing does not work in fitness!
-Believe you can do things you have never tried.
-If you need help in certain areas, seek out a professional. There is so much support in the world, find it and use it!
-Start TODAY, not Monday!!!
-Health is "just a part of your life." Meaning: Once you find what you like to do with fitness/activity and your food, just let it happen. Sort of like how nike says, "Just do it!"
-Let go of the neurosis over food. Many women give themselves a hard time and feel alot of guilt. Imagine the freedom you are going to feel once you let this go. Very empowering and it IS in your power to do this.

Again, girls, enjoy the journey! Embrace every moment of your life as this is all we have.


Sunday, 21 June 2009

Charlotte Watts, My Amazing Talented Business Partner

Today I am devoting my entry to my amazingly talented business partner, Charlotte Watts. She is passionate about both of her disciplines, Nutrition and Yoga. The following sums her up perfectly. I hope one day you will be able to benefit from her expertise.

"Charlotte works with clients to identify the underlying reasons for health concerns, looking at how the body functions as a whole allow her to make connections between what you eat, how you live, your family history and the factors that have influenced your health and weight. In her many years of seeing clients privately, she has had great success at seeing people lose weight naturally to become healthier, happier and feeling more in control of their lives. She is the author of' Lose Weight Now!' and 'Top 100 Recipes for Happy Kids' and also the Expert/ Co-Presenter on Series 3 of the hit BBC3 show 'Freaky Eaters'. Charlotte has been practising yoga for over ten years and studied at the Vajrasati School in Brighton ( which is certified to 500 hours Teacher Training by the Yoga Alliance. She works with clients in both nutrition and yoga for an all-round body and mind health programme. For more information on Charlotte see"

Monday, 15 June 2009

Diva Ski

Just saying a big thank you to Fiona and Annabel of Diva Ski for an excellent meeting last week to talk business! Lots of Gratitude to you both!!!

Carole Ann Rice, Find Your Dream Job

Hello all,

This entry is a bit behind but I wanted to add a note with a photo of the absolutely wonderful Carole Ann Rice!!! I was very priveleged to attend her book launch for "Find Your Dream Job" last Wednesday evening in London. Carole Ann and her writing partner Sarah Wade had many valuable and inspirational tidbits to share about their topic, writing a book and life in general. I was introduced to many amazing people who were all there to share in the excitment of the book launch and to support these two amazing women who have followed their dream with conviction and confidence.
Thank you to both Carole Ann and Sarah for inviting me to your big evening and I wish you both so much success and prosperity in all areas of your lives!!! Hope you love the photo, you both look healthy and happy.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Where I exercised in Praiano, Italy

Being Active on Holiday

How many times have I heard from clients, "Be active on holiday!? Are you serious!?" What they do not realize is that this is a perfect time to either maintain their current program or ease into a new one.
There are a few easy tips I can offer from my blue and white striped lounger on a cliff by the seaside on the Amalfi Coast, Italy. Firstly, choose a destination where you will naturally have to be active. Here in Praiano our rented apartment is 400 steps up a mountain! Your choice may be somewhere flatter but where you can still walk and sightsee in the natural course of a day. Secondly book an accomodation which has some form of activity centre, pool etc. Our clifftop residence does not have a pool but we do have access to the ocean for a daily swim. Some hotels and apartments have a gym, which may be more to your liking. I would suggest only spending twenty to thirty minutes a day there or every other day because after all you are on holiday. The third option is to take some tubing with handles. Every second morning I have used this for fifteen minutes, working through a routine which includes every major muscle group. Lunges, standing rows, squats, high rows, shoulder presses and push-ups. Quick, easy and so enjoyable when done outdoors on a beautiful terrace! My fourth suggestion is to practice any yoga or pilates moves you know already. Lastly, if in doubt go back to the first option....Walk, take in your surroundings and be in the moment!